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headtoheel's Journal

We're Happily Spoiled
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we're happily spoiled
This community is catered specifically for girls who work hard everyday and just want to unwind their stress through beauty and fashion. Feel free to join the discussions, post photos of your purchases and favorite products, and have fun! :)

Some rules to remember:

1. Please be courteous to each and every member of this community. You will be banned if you can't follow this simple rule.

2. Please use the premade tags for your entries. If you are unsure about which tag to use, feel free to contact a moderator for help.

3. Sales transactions not allowed here - if you are selling items, please do that in your own journal and refrain from posting links to personal sales.

4. If your pictures are bigger than 500px by 500px, please try to resize for the sake of those who don't have quick connections.

5. LJ cuts MUST be used for entries longer than 10 lines of text and pictures.